The Key to Eternal Life

I found myself standing in front of a wall of keys. To my right was a door, the same to my left.  I searched my memory for how I got here, but the only thing I remembered was Tyler with his usual smile. “Hold my beer.” He walked up to the tank and… what happened next?

Bright light. But no sound. The light resolved into this wall of keys.

“I’m dead.” It wasn’t so much of a question as it was a sad realization. I’d tried to vid-cap one prank too many.

“Yeah, sorry about that pal.” The voice next to me was nonchalant.


“In the flesh… er… spirit.” He joined me at the mass of sliver. “By the gods. The key wall is real?”

I nodded. “Kinda makes me wish we’d paid more attention at temple, doesn’t it?”

Tyler looked from one side to the other. “Two doors. One for each of us.”

I nodded, feeling my non-existent heart thump in my non-existent chest.  “How do we pick?”

“Maybe it doesn’t matter? Maybe the gods are pranking us. You know, pranking the pranksters?”

“You’re serious?” I turned on him. “You think the gods have a sense of humor about our eternal destiny? Dude, if I pick the wrong key I land in hell.”

It was the first time I’d ever seen Tyler without a smile on his face. He grabbed a key and slid it into one of the doors. “Like I said, I’m sorry man.”

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