Applied Mathematics For The Soul

“I’ve done it?”

Professor Brandt nodded, continuing to stroke his long beard. “We’ll have to make sure the proper heat is applied. Otherwise, the bones will crumble into dust.”

“Can’t we just get more?”

Professor Brandt blew out a puff of air and Lily knew the old man was frustrated with her again.  She couldn’t use just any old bones for this, they needed to be carefully cultivated, carefully selected.  “Sorry,” she said. It wasn’t as much of a genuine apology as something to break the silence.

Brandt waved her words off. “As I said, your theory is sound, it will rely on your execution. How many carcasses are you planning on using?

She winced at the word carcass. Using the dead to enhance the living violated her personal code. Not to mention it was gross. Did she really know that those bones were humanely gathered? Her wince turned into a shudder.

“Get over your ridiculous ethics and get to it. The Dean is waiting.” Professor Brandt turned on his heel and left.

Lily walked over to the refrigerator unit and opened the door. Her revulsion turned to pity as she looked at them. Thankfully, someone had removed all their heads, not that that made it any less gross. They had to be more than just necks and backs, and legs, didn’t they? She shook off her revulsion and started picking our chicken bones. This would be the best darn soup any math major ever made.