“Three portals are now closed,” Onayo said, materializing from the book.  

Jenna nodded. “Agreed.”

“Four remain open.”


“The contract remains in effect.”

“The contract remains in effect.” Jenna smiled an evil grin.

Onayo blinked, feeling the punishments of hell form above him. Something had changed, he was sure of it. He ignored the omen. “So what are we working on today, the second act? I was thinking that perhaps-“

Jenna cut waved her hand, cutting him off. “I’d like you to read to me.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I was looking at our contract.”

“You want me to read our contract?”

“Paragraph three.” She handed him the parchment she signed in blood.

He laughed, but felt the trap close around him.”‘Should the human find evidence of failure on the part of Onayo, then the agreement will reverse and he will become the property of the human’.  Do you think William Shakespeare knocked all that stuff out on his own? Who do you think made Ernest Hemingway ‘bleed at his typewriter?’ That book of Sylvia Plath poetry on your shelf? Who do you think inspired her to write that? I don’t know what you have, but-“

Jenna threw a cheap paperback to him. “You created a trope that people laugh at. Now face your fate.”

Onayo tried to resist, but the contract compelled him to take the book and open it. Next to him Jenna closed her eyes and smiled as he read: “It was a dark and stormy night…”

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