Snow Pixies

“Spring you say?”

Harvey nodded as the wind whipped up the snow in the pasture. A moment later it formed into the undeniable shape of a snow pixie. “That’s what they tell me.”

“Fat lotta good that will do us.” A second pixie formed and then a third and then a fourth.

Harvey nodded again. “Can’t dig post holes in frozen ground, Dorothy.”

“I know.” She sagged. “But Nettie and Earl already have their ecctricity. They’re probably sitting inside all warm and toasty right now. The pixie’s sensed the cattle in the barn and took aim at their desired dinner.

“Electricity.” Harvey corrected her as he began to pull the rope that would lift the metal grid over the barn door. “Looks like a full swarm.”

Dorothy sat in the generator’s seat and began pedaling. As the electricity flowed up Harvey’s grid the pixies gained speed. “Faster! We need more power!”

Dorothy grunted with effort, her feet turning the crank which turned the generator which sent electricity up Harvey’s metal grid. As the pixies crashed into it, they left little explosive puffs of snow that floated down to the ground sparkling like diamonds.  

Eventually, the assault ended. Behind the barn door the cattle barely stirred, well used to the sound of what Dorothy now called ‘poofing pixies.’  “Well I’ll be. Professor Marvel created something that actually does what it’s supposed to.”

“Yep,” Harvey said lowering the grid. “The old wizard did it. Glad he never left Kansas.”

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