A Blast from the Past

“Is that a cassette tape Grandpa?” Jimmie stared the shiny brown magnetic ribbon peaking out the bottom.  Attic adventures with Grandpa were always the best. He never knew what they might find. Last week, it was an old wind-up Gramophone in a cabinet nearly as big as Jimmie was.  This week’s find was much smaller.

“Will you look at that?” Grandpa said, taking the cassette. “One of my old tapes from the CIA.”

“What kind of music will it play?”

Grandpa shook his head. “Oh, this one doesn’t play music.  Let’s see here….” The old man looked around, finally spotting an old tarp. He pulled it off to reveal something that looked like a cross between a keyboard and a small TV.

“My old Commodore 64. Goodness me, this brings back memories. “

Grandpa plugged it in and powered it up. “This contains programming from the Cold War.”

****COMMODORE  64 BASIC V2 ****



Jimmie matched up the cassette tape to the slot and slid it in, pulse surging in anticipation. The strange noises it made reminded him of a movie he watched once. Then the screen turned a crazy mix of twirling circles. He turned to his Grandpa, grinning in anticipation.

But Grandpa’s head tilted to the side and empty eyes stared at the screen. He stood up and left without a word.

Behind him, the Commodore displayed words Jimmie has never seen.

Ну, здравствуй… старый друг.

теперь ты наш 

следовать вашим инструкциям


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The website that I used for this translation is https://context.reverso.net/translation/. I make no claims to how good it is. Also, if your are reading this and are from the NSA, please be advised. THIS IS FICTION!!!!