The Gift

Twas the evening of Christmas, and all through the wood,

A soft snow was falling, just as it should.

The scene, it was perfect; the sun shining bright

Just like the star from that first Christmas night.


I continued my walk, and I watched the snow fall

When I asked of myself. “Is this really all?”

The carols were cheery, the family was fine,

So, why then I asked, was my heart in decline?


I wished I could ask Him, this babe born a king

What gift could I possibly, possibly bring?

“You created it all,” I said with a sigh.

“There is nothing for You I can sew, bake or buy.”


“Oh, there is one thing,” my heart heard Him say.

“The only real gift that I want Christmas Day.

It’s costly,” He cautioned. “In talent and time.

But it’s the one thing I want to truly be mine.”


“Speak, Lord!” I shouted, though no person was near.

“What can I give You that You will hold dear?

Is it outreach? Or teaching that You would like done?

I quite like to sing; and the praise team is fun!”


“No, child,” He whispered. “That isn’t quite right.

There is something else I want this Christmas night.

“I love you,” He said, “though we’ve been apart.

What I want most this Christmas is you and your heart.”


“My Lord, You will have it now and ever more.”

Around me like snow, His joy then did pour.

My heart seemed to blossom from deep in my chest.

I’d come out here lonely, I was leaving it blessed.


I apologize for going over the 250 word limit, but it needed it.

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