On Trees

I come to this place because the trees welcome me. Perhaps they are the Entwives who left Middle Earth to shepherd the forests of this age.  Perhaps one of them is a descendent of the Talking Tree of Alexander the Great or the Great Deku Tree hoping to find another champion now that Link has finished his quest. Or perhaps Merlin, turned into a tree by Viviane. The ancient Greeks believed that the rustle of leaves was the very voice of Zeus. The Bible speaks of two great trees, the tree of life, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil- the latter giving us a burden we were not created to bear.  I look up from my book, hoping to see a Dryad spying on me.

Of course, there is none.

At least none that I see.

I close my eyes and rest against the tree, listening to chirp of a songbird perching within its branches. The falcon that circles above her will need to look elsewhere for its dinner.

Perhaps these are just trees, and perhaps that is enough.