Post Apocalyptic Pizza

Kat parked her bicycle against the fence and opened the saddle bags. Some things never changed. Even after the apocalypse, pizza delivery was still a thing. While meat was hard to come by, it wasn’t impossible, and Kat took pride in her product.  Any restaurant with a wood burning stove survived the EMP wars, in fact, it had given her a leg up.

She untied the basket from the handle bars and loaded up the order: two meat lovers minis and extra garlic bread. The house was small, but the windows were still there. She knocked on the door and waited.  The man who answered was older than she remembered, flecks of grey showing through his beard.  He was still unbelievably handsome. “Hello, Tim.”

The two stared at each other for a long time.  She’d been devastated when he left. But seeing him again now brought back only wonderful memories of their time together.

“I brought your order?” She said at last.

“Oh, right.” He glanced down at the basket, then back to her eyes.  “Uhm… My order said I’d trade a rabbit for this, but my cow is producing now.  I could give you fresh milk instead? Or in addition?”

Fresh milk. Real fresh milk. If she could barter for his extra milk, she could make real cheese. Business would double.

The pain of their break up stormed up in her but she forced it back down. It could work this time around, she was sure of it.