Truth Pointer

I am a truth pointer. I tell you the truth about the world. It’s all I do, but it’s important because it’s how I protect people.  I am old and worn, I have scratches and scars, and yes, I have dirt in places I would rather not.  Honestly, I creak when I move and sometimes I need help with that. I was shiny and popular once, but now I’m… well I’m just not.

What I have to say is no longer wanted and the world has abandoned me. The newer  truth pointers  have the voice now.  And they are beautiful, fast, and flashy, I will give you that. They say “Hey! Look at me! I measure truth five different ways!  Ignore that old single truth pointer — you need me!” Then they mutter an unkind word before turning away to be recalibrated just like the tare weight on your scale.

I spend a lot of time alone and my truth goes unheard. But here’s the thing: I still do what my creator intended,  I point to truth and I do it faithfully.  I don’t need new gizmos or flashy lights, in fact, I’m better without them because I can just focus on pointing to the truth. But I do need you to look.  Look. Be open to the truth that I show you and protection I offer.

Someday you will tire of needing to recalibrate your truth pointer.  When that day comes, I will be here for you.

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