Friday Flash Fiction

Every Friday I get 250 words to tell the story behind a picture. I put an additional limit of 90 minutes on mine just for fun. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy creating them.

Venus Flytrap

Project Management

Bottled Spirits

The Tree That Stands

In Honor of Ukraine

I am using this story as a base for a competition. I’ll publish it when it’s over.

Angell Brightmoon

Shockingly Delicious

Lunar Visions

The Angel’s Carpenter

The Die is Cast

Windmills and Dreams

Spark of Creation

The Gift

Yes, Virginia, There is a Christmas Squirrel

The Green and Goat

A Blast from the Past


On Trees

Post Apocalyptic Pizza

Campaign Cleanup

The Pour of Generosity

Soul food

Graduating with Honoria

Fall Harvest

Life Lesson

Playing Chicken


They Key to Eternal Life

Jane Doe

Shadow And Light

The Duck That Went Foul

In Loving Memory

Graduation Project

Meet Me in Montana

Prelude to an Adventure with Jim the Fish

Film Feast


Grandpa Harvey


Applied Mathematics for the Soul

Brunhilda the Brave

Ghost Train

A Sad Attempt at Haiku

Laundry Day

Proprietary Perspicacity

Caviar Emptor



Pooh Sticks


Snow Pixies

Russell the ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size)

Truth Pointer

The Hunter