I Want a Teacup Dragon

Not a big, uncontrollable dragon

A fierce creature that rides the skies

And screams its name, causing terror in everyone who hears it.


Not a dragon that burns cities to ash

Or rises from the sea

To extract vengeance upon honest travelers trying to get home.


Not a dragon so ridiculous

As to be able to eat an entire cow in a single, flaming bite

Driving entire communities into starvation.


I want a wise old dragon to keep me company

Perhaps light the fire in the fireplace

On a cold winter’s night.


I want a dragon to lovingly perch on my shoulder

As I read, and not care that I cry

When my favorite character dies.


I want a slightly sassy dragon

If only to remind me that dragons cannot truly be tamed

And that she is with me because she chooses to be.


I need a dragon small enough to hide

When strangers are near

Because we both know the world won’t understand.


I need a dragon to watch over my dreams

And remind me that the impossible

Is simply the work not yet done.


I need a dragon who does not care that she is small

Because in the seriousness of life I often forget

That there are things more important than being impressive.

Image by Michael Baragwanath from Pixabay

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