Say What?!?

They say (whoever they are) that the best writing is personal. So, I’d like to share a personal story with you, in hopes that it will help you in real life as well as in your writing. We spend a lot of time talking about triggers these days. Social media’s cancel culture is practically built … More Say What?!?

Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas! This year has been something else, hasn’t it?   The pandemic is slowing; however, the media and big pharma seem intent on keeping it in front of our eyes. We have repeatedly seen that this is about fear, control, and money more than it is about health. The price of gas continues to … More Christmas 2021


Many of you are aware of the tragedy that happened in Waukesha, Wisconsin on November 21. Someone drove an SUV through our Christmas parade. This person struck one of our local high school marching bands, a children’s dance troupe, and a group of grandmothers known as the “Dancing Grannies,” among others. As of this writing, … More #WaukeshaStrong

Marshmallow Grace

They say that God works in mysterious ways. I think they’re right. The last couple of weeks have been challenging. I month or so ago, I made a personal decision that I knew was emotionally risky.  It was also very secret, which has its own complications, such as the inability to seek out wiser voices. … More Marshmallow Grace