About Me

SL Brandon

Sarahlyn Brandon has loved believing in impossible things since she first heard the story of a pig named Wilbur befriending a spider named Charlotte. Growing up on everything between Star Trek and Edgar Allen Poe, she prefers stories that make her believe “six impossible things before breakfast.”  

To that end she writes science fiction, fantasy, and the occasional superhero story. She is a staunch advocate of the legitimacy of those genres in literature.

When not imagining impossible things, she works in the finance world, which she somehow navigates with a BA in history and an MA in religion. An avid lover of most kinds of music, her playlist is as likely to include modern blues as it is Tibetan singing bowls.

She has also done voice acting for several audio dramas; in 2014 she won a coveted Parsec Award Best Large Cast Story for her role in Pendant’s show Seminar, “Dirty Hands” by Niall Kitson. She and her husband live in Wisconsin but they have an eye toward moving to Montana to be closer to their daughter.  She is also a loyal subject of the world’s bossiest but most beautiful Norwegian Sheepdog.